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CIOPORA & ILVO Plant Invite to Public Conference on Biotechnology

On occasion of the CIOPORA Annual General Meeting in Ghent, on April 26 CIOPORA and ILVO Plant will hold a Public Conference on Technical and Legal Aspects of Biotechnology in Ornamentals and Fruits at the ILVO Plant's Headquarters in Melle, Belgium.

The event program features an impressive lineup of speakers from the leading European research institutions, including ILVO Plant, INRA, VIB-Ghent, the Universities of Copenhagen, Ghent, Liverpool, and Wageningen, as well as commercial breeders and legal experts in the area of biotechnology.

While the morning session is dedicated to reporting on new breeding techniques, genomics, and use of biotech in ornamentals and fruits, the afternoon session will address regulatory aspects of biotechnology and will examine how well the current legal systems are prepared for the accelerating progress of biotech-innovation.

The registration for the Conference is on the first-come, first-serve basis. There is a limited number of seats for non-member participants. The participation fee of EUR 250.00 includes the one-day event, transport from Ghent to Melle, lunch, and evening reception. The public is invited to register online (credit card fees apply) or by submitting a filled in registration form.

Learn more about the CIOPORA AGM in Ghent

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