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August 25, 2019

August 25, Auckland - The past President of CIOPORA Sam McGredy IV passed away at the age of 87 at his home in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Born in 1932 in Portadown, Northern Ireland, at the age of two Sam became heir to the family rose nursery founded by his great-grandfather in 1880. Later on, he and his family eventually moved to New Zealand in 1972, where...

Present-day breeding companies are assisted by intelligent systems that collect and analyse data obtained from various sources, such as plant phenotyping software, sensors, drones, or other data-driven technologies. These tools generate valuable information about companies’ breeding programmes, which is kept as a trade secret. Trade secrets have become as...

August 5, 2019

Piet Schreurs Holding B.V. (breeder), through its commercial representative in Ecuador, has filed a series of Intellectual Property claims before the National Plant Breeders Authority of Ecuador (a part of the National Intellectual Rights Service, SENADI) against several persons who had been exploiting Schreurs’ plant varieties without authorization.


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