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COVID-19 Crisis Resources

COVID-19 Crisis

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the green businesses worldwide are facing an unprecedented crisis. As a breeders' association, CIOPORA sees it as a part of its mission to assist its members and their colleagues, specifically but not limited to the area of the association's primary mandate. Please find below the CIOPORA COVID-19 response resources. This page will be continually updated in the coming days and weeks.

Education at Reduced Rates

Recognizing the need of the industry for affordable education and continued vocational training on important aspects of Intellectual Property (IP) protection for plants, CIOPORA has lowered the fees for the upcoming April/May 2020 Webinars. Both CIOPORA members and non-members will be able to enjoy affordable education options. 

Overview of the fees:

  • Single webinar: from EUR 149,00 to 99,00/Member, from EUR 299,00 to 199,00/Guest.

  • Extra-length webinar: from EUR 199,00 to 149,00/Member, EUR 399,00 to 299,00/Guest.

Further savings (>20%) in comparison to the already reduced single webinar rates are provided in the Webinar Savings Package containing four Webinars:

  • SOLD OUT! CIOPORA Member Webinar Package: from EUR 446,00 (single bookings) to EUR 349,00.

  • SOLD OUT! Guest Webinar Package: from EUR 896,00 (single bookings) to EUR 699,00. 

All April/May 2020 Webinars can be booked one-by-one or as parts of the Webinar Savings Package.


Upcoming webinars:

April 30

2-in-1 Webinar

Dr. Ellen de Keyser, ILVO Plant, Belgium, AND Tjeerd Overdijk, Vondst Advocaten, The Netherlands

Essentially Derived Varieties (EDV): Technical and Legal Aspects


EUR 149,00

May 7


Andrew Mitchell, DEFRA, UK

Plant Variety Rights Guide to Brexit


EUR 99,00

May 14


Alanna Rennie, Baker McKenzie, Australia

Bad Faith IP (PBR & Trademarks) Applications in China and Countermeasures for Breeders


EUR 99,00
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