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CIOPORA Mission to Mexico 2019

October 14-16, Mexico – In anticipation of the PBR Law review by Mexico and its potential accession to the UPOV 1991 Act, CIOPORA legal counsel Micaela Filippo visited the country to raise awareness towards IP for plants and, on behalf of the breeders’ community, to contribute to Mexico’s current discourse on PBR. Photo credit: Jorge Zapata, The engagements during the four-day visit included: a presentation at a seminar on Mexico’s current draft PBR bill organized by the CIOPORA member Santamarina & Steta; a lecture “Introduction into IP Protection Systems for Plants” for students of Plant Technology and Biosciences at the University of Chapingo; as well as a keynote speech at t

Mountain Blue Successfully Enforces its PBR

Brisbane, October 11– the Australia-based Mountain Blue Orchards has won a legal battle over the unauthorized propagation, production and sale of its blueberry variety Ridley 1111. The Federal Court of Australia (Queensland) entered orders that the respondents had infringed the Mountain Blue’s PBR in relation to propagating and harvested material of the variety. The Court ordered the respondents to restrain from any further infringement and, within 14 days, to deliver all illegally produced propagating and harvested material for destruction in the presence of the applicant. The respondents were also ordered to pay Mountain Blue $290,000 on account of compensatory damages, additional damages,

Australian Lobby Effort on EDV: New Era for "CIOPORA Australia"

Sydney/Hamburg - In close consultations with the CIOPORA Secretary General and as a part of the CIOPORA's global lobby effort on EDV, Alanna Rennie and Richard Gough of Baker McKenzie took the lead on lobbying the Australian government to support/stay neutral on the decision to re-open the UPOV explanatory notes on EDV at UPOV CAJ Meeting on October 30. Australia was a key jurisdiction, as the explanatory notes were based on the Australian conception of EDV. Alanna and Richard joined forces with Osman Mewett from the Australian Seed Federation (ASF) to lobby the Australian PBR Office and faced significant resistance on the basis that Australia's law is currently consistent with the UPOV expl

Egypt accedes to the International Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants

UPOV announced that Egypt has deposited its instrument of accession to the UPOV Convention on November 1, 2019, and is to become the seventy-sixth member of the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV) on December 1, 2019. CIOPORA sees the UPOV accession by Egypt as an important step toward providing more economic opportunities to Egypt's growers. Once effectively enforced, the new Plant Variety Protection law will help boost the country's horticultural and agricultural sectors. Source: UPOV #Egypt #nationalPBR #UPOV1991 #UPOVmembership

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