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As Requested by Breeder Organizations, UPOV CAJ Initiates Revision of UPOV EXN on Essentially Derive

For immediate release Geneva/Hamburg, October 30 – at its 76th meeting, the UPOV Administrative and Legal Committee (CAJ) agreed to start the review process of the UPOV Explanatory Note (EXN) on Essentially Derived Varieties (EDV). The move, highly anticipated by the breeding sector, comes months after an alliance of breeder organizations raised concerns about the narrow EDV concept interpretation in the UPOV EXN. UPOV CAJ first agreed to consider the revision at its 75th meeting in 2018, after CIOPORA, ISF and the U.S. delegation at UPOV stressed the shortcomings of the current EDV interpretation. On August 12, CIOPORA, CropLife, ISF, Euroseeds, APSA, AFSTA, and SAA submitted a joint letter

CIOPORA Stands with Ecuador’s Flower Industry

Hamburg, October 14 – Declaring its solidarity and friendship with the Ecuadorian flower industry and its long-standing partner the national association of flower exporters and producers Expoflores, CIOPORA expresses its concern with the political situation in Ecuador and calls upon the international community and the green sector to extend their support to colleagues in the South America’s largest flower-producing country. Picture credit: Diego Ph, The ongoing riots, triggered by the October 1 Government’s decree ending the fuel subsidies, have immobilized the country undermining public security and impacting virtually all industries, including floriculture. It was reported las

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