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Missed CIOPORA Annual General Meeting 2019? Although we would have loved to have you with us in Stellenbosch, there is another way to receive information provided by our speakers. Watch the CIOPORA AGM Impression video on our new CIOPORA Youtube channel and stay tuned for the single presentation videos that will be posted soon! #Video #AGM #2019 #Events #SouthAfrica #People

CIOPORA AGM 2019 Focuses on IP for Plants in South Africa, China and the US

CIOPORA, the international association of breeders of asexually reproduced ornamental and fruit varieties, brings plant breeders, Intellectual property (IP) experts and governmental delegates from over 20 countries to Stellenbosch/Somerset West, South Africa, for learning, debating and networking on IP for plant innovations. April 4, Stellenbosch/Somerset West – the latest developments in the national Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) regimes of China, South Africa and the US are in the center of attention at the CIOPORA’s 58th Annual General Meeting that is being held April 1 through April 5 in Stellenbosch/Somerset West, South Africa. The objective of the meeting is to provide the plant breeder

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