Marrakesh, Morocco - April 20 - 24, 2020

Picture: ©Milad Alizadeh

AGM 2020

Marrakesh, Morocco

April 20 - 24

CIOPORA invites members and friends to the association's main event of the year - the Annual General Meeting on April 20-24 in Marrakesh, Morocco. The program includes a range of administrative, IP-themed and issue-driven meetings with expert presentations, educational training, and networking events. 

Focusing on R&D in Horticulture and IP Protection 2030,

the event will explore the interplay between the fast-paced technological development of the green sector of the recent years and the role the Intellectual Property protection plays in guaranteeing the sustainable development in the future.

Horticulture R&D and IP Protection 2030
AGM 2020 Week Program
*Eligibility codes: B - CIOPORA Board, M - Member only, S - Supporter, P - Public (open to all), M/G - Members and Guests via special invite
Featured Speakers

Prof. Dr. Joseph Straus

Emerius Director, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition (MPI), Germany

Prof. Dr. Joseph Straus is the Emeritus Director of MPI. He is one of the world’s most influential patent scholars and has helped to shape many current IP doctrines.
He is a consultant to multiple organizations and governments and has been  teaching IP in the leading Universities worldwide.

Dr. Ruihong GUO

Deputy Administrator, Agricultural Marketing Service Science & Technology Program, USDA, USA

At USDA, Dr. Guo oversees scientific and analytical support services to the agricultural community, including the Plant Variety Protection Office, Laboratory Approval &Testing Division, Pesticide Data Program, and Seed Regulatory & Testing Division.

Dr. Philipp Aerni

Director of the Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CCRS), University of Zurich

Dr. Aerni is a public policy expert and an interdisciplinary social scientist with a particular interest in the role of science, technology, and innovation for sustainable development. Dr. Aerni worked at Harvard University, ETH Zurich, the University of Berne, as well as the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO).

Dr. CUI Yehan

Director of Plant Variety Protection Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), China

Dr. CUI obtained his PhD from the University of London. He has been with the Development Center of Science and Technology (MARA) in 1997. Since then, his career has been mainly dedicated to the protection of new plant varieties, the agricultural standardization, quality and safety of agro products. 

Program for accompanying persons
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*Notes on registration: 1. Please check the eligibility codes in the program above prior to registration. 2. Registration for the CIOPORA IP Academy and the CIOPORA Breeding Academy on April 20 is conducted separately from the AGM. 3. Special guests register via individually provided link.

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