Press Releases by CIOPORA

CIOPORA remains in close contact with the industry specific media, including publication on horticulture and Intellectual Property Protection.

We are always on look-out for new publishing projects. Please contact Anna Kaehne if you would like to subscribe to CIOPORA press releases or if you have any other press-related query.

You will find the full list of recent publications and articles about and by CIOPORA under the CIOPORA in Media

Press releases and articles by CIOPORA:

CIOPORA Press Releases

Format Size  
CIOPORA PR Post AGM2015 pdf 200 kB download
2015-2-International System of Cooperation ISF Crop Life CIOPORA pdf 144 kB download
2015-1-CIOPORA AGM in Hamburg 2015 pdf 190 kB download
2014-4-Breeders vision for the future pdf 129 kB download
2014-2-CIOPORA elects new Board in The Hague pdf 197 kB download
2014-03 - CIOPORA AGM 2014 in The Hague pdf 51 kB download
2013-1 - Ecuadorian Minister of Science and Human Talent, Augusto Espinosa, meets CIOPORA to discuss solutions after dramatic increase of fees for PBR in Ecuador pdf 52 kB download
2012-12 - CIOPORA Launches New Website pdf 44 kB download
2012-10 - Venlo: Ornamental and fruit breeders speak out for more balance in protection of their innovations pdf 52 kB download
2012-10 - Ecuador violates TRIPS-Agreement zip 512 kB download
2012-08 - CIOPORA Conference on Patents and modern PBR in Venlo EN pdf 175 kB download
2012-08 - CIOPORA Conference on Patents and modern PBR in Venlo DE pdf 174 kB download
2012-08 - CIOPORA brings IP experts to Floriade 2012 pdf 173 kB download
2012-07 - Flormaket: CIOPORA Working Groups pdf 55 kB download
2012-06 - Alle Teile der Produktions- und Handelskette haften für Verletzungen von Sortenschutzrechten DE pdf 238 kB download
2012-05 - CIOPORA hält erfolgreiche 51. Jahresversammlung in Miami, Florida, USA - DE pdf 365 kB download
2012-05 - CIOPORA Annual General Meeting 2012 in Miami: the Americas’ IP Revisited - EN pdf 228 kB download
2012-02 - CIOPORA’s Miami Getaway pdf 223 kB download
2011-11 - Secretary General of CIOPORA urges the EU... pdf 211 kB download
2011-10 - CIOPORA will raise awareness for plant breeder rights at IFTF 2011 pdf 262 kB download
2011-06 - Liablility for the infringements of PBR pdf 216 kB download
2004 - Executive Secretary of CIOPORA gives presentation on International Plant Breeders´ Rights Regulations in Brazil pdf 13 kB download

Apr. 23, 2017 - CIOPORA Takes on Toronto During AGM 2017

CIOPORA Takes on Toronto During AGM 2017 CIOPORA will open its 56th Annual General Meeting (AGM)...

Apr. 23, 2017 - UPOV launches Electronic Application For...

UPOV launches Electronic Application Form (EAF) As a continuation of the work from previous years,...

Jan. 12, 2017 - CIOPORA IP Chapters: Your Update on IP i...

Dear Friends of CIOPORA,   Today we bring you the January 2017 public version of IP Chapters,...

Jul. 12, 2016 - The CIOPORA Academy to Host First US-Bas...

Small-Group Educational Event Held September 8-9 at Driscoll’s in Watsonville, CA