CIOPORA Chronicle

The CIOPORA Chronicle is the annual publication by CIOPORA, produced in close co-operation with CIOPORA supporter FloraCulture International. Five editions of CIOPORA Chronicle have been published so far.

CIOPORA Chronicle is an important source of information on CIOPORA's activities and position on Intellectual Property protection, latest developments in Plant Breeders' Rights, plant patents, trademarks and related matters.

CONTENT: articles on IP-/PBR-related and horticultural topics submitted by members of the association and leading experts of the industry. The magazine is published with the goal to inform the CIOPORA member community about the recent changes and developements in the field of Intellectual Property Protection for plant innovation.

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 PBR Supplement 2016    

CIOPORA PBR Supplement 2016:

Guide to Plant Breeders' Rights

CIOPORA Completes Positions on Plant Breeders' Rights

Does the US Miss Out on New Varieties Developed Abroad?

Update on the Nagoya Protocol and is EU Implementation

Letter from the President:  Provided it is Protected

...and other interesting articles on horticulture and IP protection for plants!

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 CIOPORA Chronicle 2015    

CIOPORA Chronicle 2015:

Zooming in on IP

Should PBR Influence Minimum Distances Between Varieties?
Gen Y Consumers:  Flower Purchasing Behaviour and Social Media
Canada Amends Plant Breeders' Rights Act to Conform to UPOV'91

Letter from the President:  The World is Changing

...and many other interesting articles on horticulture and IP protection for plants!

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CIOPORA Chronicle 2014:

Mission FUTURE

Innovation bridges gap between tradition and future
‘Mission FUTURE’: CIOPORA’s position papers on IP
Trademarks and variety denominations - harmonisation underway?

Opinion: Challenges of modern horticulture


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Ciopora Chroncile 2013    

CIOPORA Chronicle 2013:

Innovation as Driving Force of the Market

PBR Topsy-Turvy. How UPOV and its members turn the system upside down
Marketability of Innovation - the power of ideas in horticulture
PROFILE - How Alexey Pajitnov regained the IP rights on Tetris
Seeing double... bet - on minimum distance between varieties

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CIOPORA Chronicle 2012 - annual magazine by CIOPORA    

CIOPORA Chronicle 2012:

IP Protection is a winning strategy for plant
How much open access can breeders afford?
A look at the U.S. ornamental horticulture
Plant Patents in the United States after the Americas Invents Act

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CIOPORA Chronicle 2011 - annual magazine by CIOPORA      

CIOPORA Chronicle 2011:

CIOPORA gives UPOV valuable input
Working Group focused on DUS examination
Plant Breeders' Rights - quo vadis?
CIOPORA helps IP owners protect their rose varieties

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CIOPORA Chronicle 2010 - annual magazine by CIOPORA      

CIOPORA Special 2010:

Effective tools to protect innovation?
Strong Choice for Community Plant Variety
UPOV Convention - International Plant Variety Protection
Anti-infringement: activities create win-win for all industry players

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