May 19, 2016

Brand Your Business: CIOPORA Member Logos

CIOPORA Member Logo

To increase the reach of CIOPORA’s voice as a community, we have launched the ‘CIOPORA Member Campaign’.  This Campaign offers our association’s members the opportunity to demonstrate their support for effective IP protection and involvement in CIOPORA. 

Beginning today, CIOPORA Members  will have access to a library of logos which can be placed on their company’s website, in trade show marketing materials and in other marketing communications.

Working Together as a Community
In 2016, CIOPORA celebrates its 55th Anniversary.  From the beginning, our mission has been clear – to build a close community of breeders and IP title holders from all over the world who share a belief in the value of Intellectual Property (IP) and the importance of efficient IP protection for the sustainable development of the horticultural sector.

It is because of our members and supporters that CIOPORA represents a significant voice in our industry.  With this continued support we can make a positive difference in the continued establishment of effective IP protection systems for ornamental and fruit varieties, worldwide. 

CIOPORA Logo Guidelines
The proper usage of these logos in the representation of CIOPORA is important, which is why we have compiled some simple guidelines.

Color Specifications

CIOPORA Member Logo colors are Lilac and Pistachio.  The colors within this logo may not be altered in any way and must reflect the following values:

  • Lilac:  for four-color applications, Lilac the must print in the CMYK equivalent comprised of C-17, M-29, K-23; values for RGB for Lilac are 120-R, 103-G, 145-B and the Hex formula is #786791
  • Pistachio:  the CMYK equivalent must be comprised of C-16, Y-22, K-25; values for RGB for Pistachio are 160-R, 190-G, 148-B; the Hex formula is #A0BE94

Minimum Size

We specify this so that the logo has enough visible impact to do its job.  In print, the logo must be no less than 4cm high; the digital version must be no less than 5,5cm high.

The ‘Where’s and ‘How’s

CIOPORA recommends that members use the logo the following places:

  • Your Company’s Website (please link the logo to CIOPORA’s homepage!)
    • Alternative Text:  CIOPORA – the International Community of Breeders of Asexually Reproduced Ornamental and Fruit Varieties
  • Signage
  • Reports
  • Brochures and other publicity materials (if possible, please include us in your trade show pieces)

The CIOPORA Member Logo may be used to indicate the user’s membership in CIOPORA but not to imply the association’s endorsement of the user’s services or products.  The logo may link only to the CIOPORA home page.

Members can download the CIOPORA Member Logo Pack in the members-only area of our website here:  Here

For more information on this campaign, email

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