CIOPORA is an association operating under the Swiss law and has its registered seat in Geneva. Its members are mainly breeders of vegetatively reproduced ornamental and fruit varieties.

CIOPORA furthermore counts among its members national breeder associations, research institutions, consultants and lawyers active in the field of Intellectual Property and supporting CIOPORA's policy.

The surpreme authority of CIOPORA is the Annual General Meeting of its members. The control over the affairs of the association is entrusted to its Board headed by the President of CIOPORA.

Where necessary or advisable, CIOPORA members may create national or regional sections in order to intervene with their local authorities competent in the area of protecting Plant Breeders' Rights.

The members of CIOPORA can also create the crop-oriented and topic-specific formations within the association.

CIOPORA administrative office is headed by the Secretary General.

Organizational structure of CIOPORA

Organizational structure of CIOPORA

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