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Tel: +49 (0)40-555-63-702
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Secretary General of CIOPORA Dr. Edgar Krieger    

Dr. Edgar Krieger
Secretary General of CIOPORA

Stella Negraes, assistant to Secretary general of CIOPORA    

Stella Negraes
Assistant to Secretary General

Please contact Stella on questions of membership, payments, bookkeeping, general infomation queries and event management.

Anna Kaehne, scientific assistant to Secretary General of CIOPORA    

Anna Kaehne
Manager PR & Communication

Please contact Anna if you have queries in regard to CIOPORA website, Newsletter, press releases, articles, internal communication and event management.



Mar. 17, 2015 - CIOPORA & AIPH submit a joint letter on ...

The letter by CIOPORA & AIPH to be reviewed for inclusion into the agenda of UPOV TC 52 meeting
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Mar. 11, 2015 - International Forum on Combating Counter...

CIOPORA member from Ukraine invites to the International Forum on Combating Counterfeiting and...
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Mar. 10, 2015 - CIOPORA promotes its Position Papers on ...

Series of Interviews with Secretary General Dr. Edgar Krieger promote CIOPORA Position Papers on IP
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Mar. 06, 2015 - Naktuinbouw & Wageningen University: the...

The deadline for the June PVP course registration is drawing closer: register now!
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Mar. 01, 2015 - CANADA’s Bill C-18 receives Royal Assent

Major Plant Breeders’ Right Bill Update in Canada
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