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Our postal and visit address:
CIOPORA Administrative Office
Dr. Edgar Krieger
Deichstraße 29
20459 Hamburg


Tel: +49 (0)40-555-63-702
Fax:+49 (0)40-555-63-703


Secretary General of CIOPORA Dr. Edgar Krieger    

Dr. Edgar Krieger
Secretary General of CIOPORA

Stella Negraes, assistant to Secretary general of CIOPORA    

Stella Negraes
Assistant to Secretary General

Please contact Stella on questions of membership, payments, bookkeeping, general infomation queries and event management.

Brittany Posey, Director of PR and Communications, CIOPORA    

Brittany Posey
Director of PR and Communications

Please contact Brittany if you have queries in regard to CIOPORA website, Newsletter, press releases, articles, internal communication and event management.



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