CIOPORA is the international association that brings together breeders of ornamental and fruit varieties of asexual reproduction in order to assist them with protection of their Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Founded in 1961, CIOPORA represents both, individual plant breeders and plant breeding companies, which hold a vast majority of plant variety titles in the ornamental and fruit sectors. Such plant varieties account for approximately 60% of all Plant Breeders’ Right titles and Plant Patents granted worldwide.

In order to assist breeders in question of IP protection and to guarantee sufficient protection of Plant Breeders' Rights , CIOPORA works closely with international organizations, such as UPOV, WTO and WIPO, as well as with national governments. Lobby before these organizations and governments comprises the central activity of the CIOPORA.

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May. 19, 2016 - Brand Your Business: CIOPORA Member Logo...

CIOPORA Member Logo

Brand Your Business: CIOPORA Member Logos

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